A break from the daily routine


Daily routine, constant errands, multiple obligations, stress. Signs of our times, and familiar to us all. Personally, I sometimes feel the need to escape from the pressure of daily life, leave any difficulties behind and look after myself - do things that help me feel closer to myself, give meaning to my day, and contribute to my peace of mind and wellbeing. 

The gift I give myself at these times is a creative break in the middle of my full-of-obligations day. A small escape from the buzz of the city for a few hours, once a week. This works like a boost of stimulation, like a deep breath of fresh air. The destination? Somewhere close to nature, whether it’s mountain or sea. Being in touch with nature is always a good way of reminding myself of my own true nature.

What do I do during this break? Everything and nothing, depending on my mood. Sometimes I cultivate the technique of inertia. I just stay away from everyone and everything, without my cell phone, and I just relax, forgetting any problems, obligations and everything that concerns me. Doing absolutely nothing is one of the best ways to be more creative and productive. Other times, I read a good book. “When you read a good book, somewhere in the world, a door opens, and more light comes in.” I often take a walk on the beach. This makes me feel calm, makes me dream, makes me travel.




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