Creative stress: A necessity

In an age characterised by fast pace, increasing obligations, worry and pressure, periods of intense work, tight schedules and deadlines cause extra stress, that unpleasant feeling of anxiety. A feeling that we all know and have experienced at some time.

When my professional obligations are on the rise, as they are currently, I try to fit into the category of people who view their work issues as observers, in a neutral way, without getting upset and without losing their sleep in the evening because of them. I believe that this is the necessary form of creative anxiety that gives you the incentive to focus on your efforts and goals, to adapt, to find solutions, and to become flexible and better at what you do. This form of anxiety that keeps you alert allows you to take on tasks and initiatives, and eventually work more creatively.

I have read that experts say we need to better understand the concept of anxiety, because only then can we stop seeing it as something negative. However, when I feel it overwhelms me, exercise and meditation help me to manage it, so this is what I recommend to you...

Tags: Creative stress, efforts, goals