Enjoying walking in nature


If there’s one thing I enjoy doing during the day, it’s walking, especially if it’s close to nature, surrounded by fresh air, away from the buzzing city. Experts say that walking is one of the best forms of exercise and is considered necessary for those who live a sedentary life. They advise walking at a fast pace for 30 minutes a day.

In addition to a quick walk at some point during the day, I enjoy long hikes on the mountain or in the forest when I have more time to spend – anywhere close to nature. These walks help me to maintain a healthy body but also offer spiritual calmness, harmony and clarity.

For those of you who love hiking, I would suggest a visit to Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, which is a unique challenge and experience. The most magnificent mountain of Greece offers some of the best hiking trails, through footpaths, picturesque mountain villages, tall trees and wild cliffs, until you conquer the hike by reaching the top. The mountain of the gods is also a place full of energy, suitable for meditation practices and looking deeper into yourself, for those who are also looking for this type of spiritual exercise.



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