Fake news: break the cycle

How many times have we all formed a wrong opinion about someone or something, simply by being influenced by the things we hear, or because we rushed to make conclusions? On a larger scale, the media and social media contribute to the manipulation of reality by creating the so-called "fake news", the purpose of which is to manipulate people.

Today, we often fall into the trap of reproducing "false news" in an embarrassing and uninterrupted manner. It seems that we are addicted to "strange but true” news, so we often hear this news without investigating their credibility and validity.

How can we tell if news is real? Checking whether or not there is a source in the post. It is good to share a news story responsibly because each of us affects a smaller or larger circle of people through social media. In many cases, things are not what they appear and can be misleading. Let’s not be quick to judge and let’s not hurry to draw conclusions before checking the validity of what we have heard or read.

Tags: Lifestyle