Privacy, please

There was a time when we all had more privacy. And then came the internet! In the digital age, our daily activities, from the food we eat and the places we go out, to our workouts and holidays, are all exposed to the public. It seems that the need for self-promotion in an ever-changing world is an important part of many Internet and social media users.

In the age of social media and this increasing public self-promotion, whether intentional or not, millions of users around the world post personal information and photos online, with an exchange in the form of comments and likes, and the approval of other social media users who do the same thing. Social media tend to "legitimize" the disclosure of our personal moments and data as an essential part of our social lives.
Why is there such a large need for self-promotion and showing off our personal life? Why do people seek to share what is happening in their life to their internet followers, rather than simply with their families and friends? Perhaps because they want to achieve online popularity. Let’s keep in mind that exposing every aspect of our everyday life can put us in an awkward position, and that social media is not the environment where we should be sharing everything about ourselves. Privacy, maturity and trust go hand in hand. The only certain thing is that the world does not need to know that much about us, and we probably don’t want that either...

Tags: Lifestyle, Technology