Alexis is currently working on film and television projects in Greece, the US and the United Kingdom.

Your Face Sounds Familiar


Your Face Sounds Familiar is an entertainment show of disguise that is broadcast by ANT1. It started in 2011 from Spain (as Tu Cara Me Suena) and since then has been screened in 42 other countries worldwide, including Greece. The show consists of specific episodes (live), and in each episode ten artists (singers & actors) are invited to embody various stars of the domestic or international music scene. Each contestant is first graded by the jury, then by the other contestants and finally by the public, through a vote. The winner of each episode is invited to offer the proceeds of the public vote to a charity of his/her choice.

Zitite Psefthis


Dimitris Psathas' top political satire “Zitite Pseftis", which refers to the customer relations of politicians with their voters and has been translated and played in most countries of the world, will commence on the 15th of March 2019 at the Pallas Theater, directed by Petros Zoulias. Theodoros Parlas or "Pseutothodoros" (Alexis Georgoulis) declares himself a professional liar and comes from his village to Athens for work whilst taking advantage of this talent. An accidental squabble and a punch that he gave to a passenger on the bus (the boss of congressman Fereki played by George Partsalakis), paved the way for a brilliant career as a secretary of the MP. A career begins based on the shameless and blatant lies that are spilled to justify the election promises of the MP to his angry voters. During his career he finds his rival, the MP’s wife played by Natalia Dragoumi. Will he succeed in winning against such a fierce opponent?

TV UK (S04)


Set in 1935 when the Englishwoman Louisa Durrell, whose life had fallen apart, decided to move from Bournemouth to the Greek island of Corfu. Her husband had died some years earlier and she has financial problems, when she suddenly announces that she and her four children will move to the island and a Homeric battle ensues as the family adapt to life on the island, especially when they discover that Corfu does not even have electricity at that time. But it is cheap, an earthly paradise and the Durrell family make the big step that will change their lives.



Two brothers decide to reopen a beach bar. However, their irreconcilable differences as characters lead to a series of mishaps and unexpected situations.



Theo is a disillusioned Greek electrician in his 30s working in the US. His Mexican colleague Ernesto has a sick daughter who needs urgent medical care but the bills are piling up. Without suspecting each other, they separately get involved in a heist at a Malibu mansion they have been working at. Things seem to go by plan until Theo gets distracted by a personal fight with the high strung architect Jennifer. When Jennifer and Theo get stuck in the house’s glass elevator for days, their desperate fight for survival in the middle of the heist becomes a discovery of hidden fears, anger, passion and ultimately love.



Kalli, a spoiled bourgeois, has realized that her father ordered to have her killed, because of her inappropriate behaviour. Zisis, an assassin working for Kalli's father is to carry out this order. The fact that he is deeply in love with Kalli makes the issue complicated and insolvable. If Zisis does not take up this mission, somebody else will and he will lose his beloved one. If he takes it up and fails, he will lose his own life. The lack of enough time will make him disclose his forbidden love and stand up against a huge, corrupted and merciless system of western societies.